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Attilio Servi - Master Artisan Panettone, Foccacia & Biscotti

Attilio Servi

He laid aside his professional drum sticks and put on the Pastry Chef uniform, It
was his extreme natural curiosity that made Master Attilio Servi start attending the
courses of the greatest Pastry Chefs of Italy, to put his Passion for the Art of
Pastry and Leavening into practice.
Working as a Yeast Master consultant for the main Italian companies in the
bakery sector and personally creating the recipes of some of his products.
His expertise allowed him to become one of the main producers of Craft
Panettone in Italy.
Headquarters and laboratory

“Attilio Servi Pasticceria” with head quarters in Pomezia in the province of
Rome, it consists of the commercial offices is currently a laboratory of over 1.000
square metres, equipped with cutting-edge technologies to increase the
production rate and reflect the true Craftsmanship of the ingredients.
All of the traditional yeast cakes served at Christmas and Easter (“Panettone” and
“Colomba”), breakfast yeast cakes, biscuits, mignon pastries, one-portion and
traditional desserts are made with genuine raw materials, carefully selected by
Master Attilio Servi throughout Italy.
His yeast cakes creations are prepared with Sourdough, made using flour and
water; only natural flavours and without added preservatives, mixtures or
powders, the distinctive mark of a true Craft in all its products.
Yeast Cakes

The Christmas and Easter with 13 tons of flour used for Panettone, Pan d'Oro
and Colomba are two of the productive moments for the “Attilio Servi
From Classic Panettone to Panettone with dark chocolate 80% "Venchi" and
Habanero a two-year partnership with the chocolate Company and both winners
at the "Merano Wine Festival '17", to the use of wholemeal flour and the five
cereals for its Colomba, they have in common the Mission of the Master Attilio
Servi: Research of the ingredients and innovation of the product, in the Craft

His expertise allowedto revolutionise the world of the Great Christmas and
Easter Yeast Cakes.
He was the first to create and produce Panettone on savoury variants from 2014
introducing savoury ingredients in the Panettone dough, thus creating what he
called “Focaccia del contadino” (“Farmer’s Focaccia”) with Pears and Parmesan
Following the success of the product, he then created Focaccia “Trionfo d’Italia”
(“Italian Triumph Focaccia”), Focaccia “All’Amatriciana” (“Amatriciana
Focaccia”) and the award-winning “Focaccia Cacio e Pepe” (“Cheese and Pepper
Focaccia”) in “Vinitaly ’17 and Merano Wine Festival ’17.
The “Savoury Panettone” is a creative and innovative idea, widely copied and
intended to transform Panettone into an all-year round dessert, ideal as starter at
the beginning of a meal or as appetizer accompanied by wine or beer.

In addition to the production of the “Spicy” and “Sweet” line, following the same
principle of the introduction savoury ingredients, the creation of Savoury Biscuits
it was appreciated by younger people to accompany cocktails and beer.
Craft Frozen Products

It is also worthwhile mentioning the new and innovative entrepreneurial initiative
“Linea ICE Artigianale”, including breakfast yeast cakes, turnovers, mignon
pastries, one-portion desserts and cakes for the national and international
HoReCa needs, aiming to reach more consumers while also guaranteeing the
naturalness of Craft Ingredients.

“Attilio Servi Pasticceria” is a top-quality, creative and entrepreneurial Craft
Business at national level, supplied in over 250 bakeries, wine bars and wine and
food shops throughout Italy. Even exports are on the rise (Canada, Australia,
Spain and Switzerland), where the Classic Craft Panettone is now known and
appreciated as Flagship of the Italian Pastry tradition.
The Pastry and Yeast Master Attilio Servi, one of the most renowned in
Italy, calls himself an “Outsider” and combines craft tradition and
innovation, creating passionate, unexpected and well-balanced products.