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Masserie di Sant'Eramo - The art of healthy eating for healthy living



The art of healthy eating for healthy living is the guiding principle behind Masserie di Sant'Eramo. 

The greatest example of this philosophy, which continues to receive worldwide recognition, lies in the Mediterranean Diet. The main component in this famous Diet is the extra virgin olive oil, an essential part of any healthy nourishment. For this reason Masserie di Sant’Eramo, located in Puglia, Italy, produces solely a premium grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Extracted.

Furthermore, in our region, Puglia, history, tradition and usages of a millenary culture on the Mediterranean diet and on olive oil have been handed down from father to son.



A great part of Apulia is covered with endless surfaces of olive trees, thus making it the largest olive oil producing region in the world.

Low pollution, a prevalently sunny climate with just the right amount of rain, and the mineral-rich lime-tufa soil make this land ideal for olive cultivation: several hundred miles of coastline provide the fragrant sea breezes that gently caress and permeate the healthy fruits.



The owner of Masserie di Sant’ Eramo is Mr. Pasquale Natuzzi. 

He founded Natuzzi Spa in 1959 and he currently is President and Stylist of the Company. 

Masserie di Sant Eramo is a company born in the early nineties. Our olive oil mill is located in the heart of the largest district in the world for the production of olive oil: Puglia. The high quality, the pursuit of excellence, the care towards a very demanding international clientele, have always characterized the commitment of the Natuzzi family in promoting special products in their own country and in exporting the real Made in Italy worldwide.



According to Mrs. Antonisa Natuzzi, respecting the land means not only protecting it, but also taking an active role in its development. On the strength of this conviction, Mrs. Natuzzi fosters interactive relationships with the people and institutions in our region, to ensure a shared vision of the future. The aim is to create a solid foundation of shared values to optimise each actor's contribution and translate the principle of respect for the land into tangible actions. This is how we define sustainability: a set of choices that give meaning to the word "taste". It is not simply a question of economic sustainability, without which no company can survive, but also of environmental and social sustainability. 



We are very proud to inform you that our Company has been awarded on September 11, 2020 with INDUSTRIA FELIX AWARD for being a COMPETITIVE, TRUSTWORTHY & SUSTAINABLE COMPANY.

The Industria Felix Award – the Italian way of doing business, has been developed on the basis of a mass survey on the 2018 Financial Reports of 1,068,000 Companies. 

The awarded Companies, selected through an indisputable algorithm and chosen by a qualified Scientific Committee, are identified on the basis of the best management performance and financial trustworthiness determined by the Cerved Group Score. 

With respect to 2018 Financial Report and in order to promote social well-being and economic development, it is bestowed ALTA ONORIFICENZA DI BILANCIO / BUDGETARY PERFORMANCE HIGH HONOR to our Company.


Masserie di Sant’Eramo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the prime pure ‘juice’ that is extracted from the olives, without undergoing any chemical treatment whatsoever. It is Cold Extracted. This means that olives are pressed only once, within hours of being picked, and that we do not resort to heat to increase yields. Only this process ensures a low acidity level (less than 0,5), a high nutritional content and that the flavour of these premium olives are kept intact, resulting in an oil of wonderful fullness.



Masserie di Sant’Eramo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from handpicked olives. Careful picking ensures that the olives are picked at the height of ripeness. Of course, it takes a lot of work to pick olives by hand but it is the best harvesting method (‘brucatura’) as it results in the least bruising of the fruits.

Our olive oil is produced from selected olives (‘Coratina’ and ‘Ogliarola Barese’species). Only olives that pass this rigorous scrutiny are pressed to become Masserie di Sant’Eramo Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olives are cold pressed within 24 hours of being picked to ensure that the bouquet and flavour of these premium olives are kept intact.



Prized among oil-bearing varieties, ‘Coratinas’ give our oil body and the fruity aroma of fresh olives; ‘Ogliarolas’ round off its taste.

As for extracting the oil we use the Continuous Combine System that links the advantages of both methods: the time-honoured and the modern one.

The result of the time-honoured method with granite millstones for milling the olives is a milder extra virgin olive oil.



Here is the list of all our worldwide awards received in 2020:

  •         NYIOOC World’s Best Olive Oils - Gold Award Winner 2020 
  •         DUBAI International Olive Oil Competition - Gold Medal 2020 
  •         XXV BIOL Edition Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil  in the World–Extra Gold Medal  2020
  •         L’ ORCIOLO D’ORO  – Premio Speciale Biologico - Supernova Award 2020
  •         L’ ORCIOLO D’ORO  – Fruttato Leggero - Attestato di Eccellenza 2020 
  •         L’ ORCIOLO D’ORO – Fruttato Intenso - Attestato di Eccellenza 2020 
  •         XVII Edizione SOL D’ORO – Fruttato Intenso - Gran Menzione 2020
  •         GAMBERO ROSSO – Guida Oli d’Italia 2020