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Nonno Nanni - since 1947

It was 1947 when in his little cheese-making business, equipped only with wood-fired boilers, Giovanni Lazzarin, or Nanni as he was better known, enthusiastically launched production of what would become a cutting edge business for its product quality and manufacturing technology, creating the Nonno Nanni Fresh Cheeses Line.

The company is nowadays run by the third generation of the Lazzarin family, Nanni’s grandchildren, who share their grandfather’s passion with great enthusiasm.

Despite using cutting edge technology and manufacturing processes, the company maintains the artisan quality of bygone days, guaranteeing outstandingly natural, fresh products.



The uniqueness of Nonno Nanni products is all in the perfect marriage of the age-old cheese- maker’s art, consisting of secret knowledge handed down over the years, and modern methods, consisting of manufacturing skill and respect for authenticity and the flavours of bygone days. Just how Nonno Nanni wanted his products to be.




There are plenty of ingredients that turn Nonno Nanni cheeses into delights to be savoured. It all starts with careful selection of raw materials.

100% Italian milk is selected even before arriving at the cheese factory.

Over the years Nonno Nanni has established a direct dialogue and a relationship built on trust with the dairy farmers in the local milk production area, in order to also strengthen and maintain its bond with the local area over time. The company gives farmers access to nutritionists and veterinarians to assist them in managing livestock.

Every step in the production process is scrupulously checked.
After thorough analysis of the milk by qualified staff, the milk is pasteurised and carefully selected milk ferments are added.This is when the irreplaceable skill of the cheese-maker comes into play. Once milk processing is programmed according to where the milk comes from and the weather and seasonal conditions, the cheese-maker personally guides and oversees the development of cheese manufacture. Cultured in specific conditions, the
milk ferments reach very high concentrations, which can be over 2 billion per gramme, in Nonno Nanni Stracchino.

Product safety is constantly guaranteed by more than 60,000 strict checks every year.

Close attention to quality and respect for tradition, combined with manufacturing technology relying on ultra-modern systems, are all distinctive elements that bring out the goodness that consumers recognise in Nonno Nanni products.