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SALCIS -  Pecorino Pepperoncino - 400g

SALCIS - Pecorino Pepperoncino - 400g

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Nonna's Pantry presents SALCIS Pecorini!

Milk: from italian sheep pasteurized, transformed in 24 hours from milking.

Ingredients: Sheep milk pasteurized, rennet, salt, lactic ferments, hot pepper.

Characteristics: Semi-seasoned pecorino, with thin crust, around rough and straw- coloured. Its taste is agreeable and sprightly because of addition of smithereens of smashed hot pepper, bright-red coloured, which exalt its sharpness. The hot pepper colour emphasizes the clear white colour of its soft paste.

In the kitchen: A particular interesting coupling which we suggest you is with chocolate, to try various tastes. This kind of cheese can be eaten as a course, to savour its sprightliness. To accompany with red, table wines.