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Barbera NOVELLO di Macina 1000ml

Barbera NOVELLO di Macina 1000ml

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Nonna's Pantry presents Novello Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily.

Our newest extra virgin oil, this one can do it all, from drizzling on fine steaks, and making salad dressings.

The Barbera brand was created in the early 1980's and has become one of the most popular "Gourmet Olive Oils" available. This "new" or "novello" olive oil is the perfect blend of three varieties of Sicilian Olives: the delicate Biancolilla 40%, the tasty Nocellara 20% and the robust Cerasuola 40%. These varieties create a beautifully-fragrant and extremely pleasant-tasting oil. This phenomenal oil has a fruity flavor that is reminiscent of fresh olives. Used for all kinds of rustic dishes, bruschetta, bean soups and Sicilian foods.

AREA OF ORIGIN: West-central Sicily.
ALTITUDE: Mid hillside-plains
METHOD OF HARVEST: Harvested by hand.
EXTRACTION SYSTEM: Milled within 24 hours from the harvest; continuous extraction and separation by centrifuge; the oil is allowed to settle and then decanted naturally.
APPEARANCE: A dense oil, jade-green in color .
AROMA: a penetrating aroma of the olive fruit and finely aromatic
TASTE: A rounded taste, an intense finish reminiscent of the actual olive
USE: On seafood dishes, on fresh cheeses, on vegetable soups, and all types of mixed salads.